Fr 10.5., 20.30
→ 1 Photoforum Pasquart

Pulgasari, Sunareht und Fashion italia treten live zu den Bildern des SNF-Wettbewerbs für wissenschaftliche Bilder auf. Premiere von Witold Langlois (Begründer von METEO), in Zusammenarbeit mit der 9. Nuit des images des Musée de l’Elysée.

Die Live-Show ist online.


Edging Edges Lara Dâmaso

Sa 11.5., 15.00
→ 3 NMB

Eine Intervention, welche die Beziehung des Menschen zur Macht, zur Sensibilität und zur digitalen Welt in Frage stellt.

Léo Tardin piano solo

Sa  11.5., 17.00
→ 10 Residenz Au Lac

Von den ausgestellten Fotos inspiriertes Solokonzert.


Scopies John Lippens 

Di 26.05., 16.00–16.30
→ 2 Espace Libre

Eine Performance, welche die Herausforderungen in Verbindung mit der Schaulust beleuchtet.



Witold Langlois 
Witold Langlois (FR), born in 1981 in France, lives and works in Geneva. He studied fine art/art history in Geneva as well as advertising and journalism in Paris. He is a journalist, a producer, a director, a curator and the founder of the musical web-media, METEO. He currently works for the public service of French-speaking Switzerland RTS1 (radio).



Pulgasari is the electronic music project of Leo Thirifays, born December 22, 1992 in Paris. He attaches great importance on rhythmic research and the game of live music. He collaborated with METEO several times through many parties or productions.


Sylvain Dessagne, born July 20, 1991 in Paris, has been producing electronic music under the pseudonym "Sunareht" since 2009. His current work is mainly oriented towards the cutting of small musical samples which are then re-assembled and looped to create unique pieces. Recurring guest METEO nights in Paris as a DJ or live, he has also participated in several other projects of this webmedia.



Raphael Hardy says "Fashion italia", born March 30, 1991 in Paris, has been making electronic music for 10 years. Former member of the band « Le Vasco », he starts his solo project in 2017 and released a first EP titled « Faut-il manger les animaux ? » with which he participates in a METEO party for a live in Paris in 2018. He draws inspiration from both traditional European music and sound synthesis and digital sound design.



Lara Dâmaso
Lara Dâmaso (CH), born in 1996 in Switzerland, works and lives in Zürich. After studying two years in the class Art & Media at the HGB in Leipzig, she is now enrolled in the Bachelor Art & Media at the ZHDK. Always using herself as a medium, her work reflects on the human’s relationship to power, control, sensuality and sensitivity.

Léo Tardin
Born in Geneva in 1976, Léo Tardin (CH) was the first winner in 1999 of the prestigious Montreux Jazz Festival International Solo Piano Competition - and the only Swiss to have won it so far. After publishing five albums with his Grand Pianoramax project, he devoted himself to Collection, his new solo project released in 2018 as a triple live album, completed by a Songbook and tutorials.


John Lippens
John Lippens (CH), born in 1956 in Belgium, lives and works in Lausanne as an artist and a psychotherapist. His work has been exhibited at the Fondation Louis Moret, at Espace abstract, at Supervues, at Art Brussels fair, at Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Metz, to name but a few. He has been curator of the second Triennale of Visarte, director of the gallery Synopsism, president of the FLAC and member of the jury of Vevey images.