Cosmic Surgery, 2016

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© Alma Haser

Inspired by notions of surveillance and the excessive prevalence of beauty treatments, the photographic series Cosmic Surgery is imagined as a medical procedure that the public will be able to undergo in the future. Combining photography with intricate origami techniques, Haser’s work seeks to expand on traditional portraiture and reflects on the concerns of future generations. Facial features are multiplied and distorted, calling to mind cubist and surrealist imagery. Each work becomes a kaleidoscope of curious shapes that is unsettling yet compelling in its intricate construction. Haser’s portraits hint at hidden narratives while giving free rein to the viewer’s imagination.

Location: Photoforum



Born in 1989 in Germany, Alma Haser (DE) is now based in London and on the southeast coast. She is known for her complex and meticulously constructed portraiture, which are influenced by her creativity and her background in fine art. She has won many awards, including Magenta Foundation’s Bright Spark Award in 2013 for her Cosmic Surgery series. She is represented by the Photographers’ Gallery.