Piegeception, 2019

agrandir l'image

© Andrea Marioni

The photographic installation Piegeception is a reflection on documenting a space but also on losing control of images in a system of production which today we cannot fully grasp. Throughout the event, two cameras controlled by a timer will take photographs at regular intervals. Here the exhibition space is thought of as a territory with its own rhythms and cycles of activity. The capture of images is conceived as a process that preserves or loses real-life information, thus creating a tension between loss and memory. The visitors and participants who come into the space end up becoming both the agents and the subjects of the installation.

Location: Espace Libre


Andrea Marioni (CH) was born in Ticino in 1986, Switzerland. After a high school degree at the Business School of Bellinzona, he moved to Lausanne where he studied History of Arts as well as History and Aesthetics of cinema at the University of Lausanne. He also obtained a Bachelor in Performance Arts and a degree in Workmaster at HEAD in Geneva.