Domestic Science, 2013 ; Air Freshener, 2012 ; 2 Minutes, 2010

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© Annegien Van Doorn

An inflatable mattress, a brush and a tube of ketchup do not have a logical or natural relation to each other. Although we all have them lying around at home, few people besides MacGyver would attempt to combine them. But it is the people who would combine them who are addressed in the 1938 study "Homo Ludens". As Johan Huizinga describes, play is one of the main conditions necessary for the production of culture. Domestic goods, often considered virtually worthless, possess qualities easily overlooked. But when used in large amounts, these trivial objects suddenly seem to pay tribute to imagination. (Bas Hendrikx)

Location: Gewölbe Galerie


Annegien Van Doorn (1982, The Netherlands) lives and works in Amsterdam. She graduated in Photography at the St. Joost Academy in Breda and followed the Master of Fine Art at the University of Barcelona. Her work has been shown in solo and group exhibitions at, among many other cities, in Amsterdam, Detroit, Madrid and Tokyo. Furthermore she participated in many international festivals.