Liquid Panic, 2018

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© Augustin Rebetez

Liquid Panic is a nod to Der Lauf der Dinge (The Course of Things) by the artistic duo Fischli/Weiss, but it is also a remake of Pulp Fiction. Created in the Swiss countryside and almost exclusively with water, the video, presented in a new installation, plunges us into the mysterious world of Augustin Rebetez. The liquid here is the engine, which splashes everywhere, creating noisy lo-fi rhythms. Dizzying, funny and overflowing, this video has nothing to do with environmental questions or the ecological disaster in progress, but it evokes destructive impulses, mental suffering, and a certain kind of obsessiveness to which human beings are susceptible.

Location: Photoforum


Augustin Rebetez (CH) (1986) is a Swiss artist based in Mervelier, in the countryside. He works in various media including painting, photography, video, sculpture, installation and theatre. His work is prolific, often collaborative and the result is quite epileptic. Since 2009, he has exhibited his work all over the world.