Bikini in den Bergen

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© Kunstanstalt Brügger

These pictures of swimming pools at mountain hotels invite the viewer to come on a trip to Switzerland. The construction of hotel swimming pools in Switzerland developed in the 1920s, at first to address the crisis, and later as a counterbalance to the popularity of winter tourism. At first they were functional and geared to sports, but during the 1950s they became smaller and were built in various shapes. Beginning in the 1960s, it was technically and financially feasible to build covered swimming pools, which compensated for seasonal variations in usage. The designs follow the typical style of the Brügger firm. Their retro charm is further accentuated by the changes in colour they have undergone over the years.

In cooperation with the Swiss Alpine Museum.

Location: Farelhaus


Die Druckerei Brügger wurde 1878 in Meiringen gegründet. Ab 1905 trat sie unter dem Namen Kunstanstalt Brügger auf und spezialisierte sich unter anderem auf anspruchsvolle Hotel- und Tourismuswerbung. Als die Firma Brügger 1994 den Betrieb einstellte, übernahm die Kulturstiftung der Bank Brienz Oberhasli (BBO) das Fotoarchiv. Ende 2012 schenkte die BBO die Sammlung dem Alpinen Museum der Schweiz.