D’Nischeler, 2016

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© Claudia Schildknecht

Agricultural subsidies, increased milk production for falling prices, combined with free-trade agreements in agriculture and food production between the EU and Switzerland – all of these burdens undermine the economic survival of Swiss farmers. More and more, small businesses are disappearing, and an increased incidence of suicide has been recorded. While some agricultural businesses seek recourse in industrialization, others venture into market niches: water buffalo, zebus, bison, kangaroos, ostriches, silk worms, shrimp, cashmere goats, llamas and camels. Some farmers have already established themselves in this market, while others are venturing into these alternatives. Along with the economic state of affairs, the love for the animals is a central concern.

Location: Working Station


Claudia Schildknecht (1990, Switzerland) started her way with art and design through the Preliminary Course of Art in Saint Galle. After traveling she returns to education at the Lucerne School of Art & Design and finished her degree in summer 2016. She’s now working as a free-lance photographer mostly based in journalism.