Letters from Utopia, 2012

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© Daan Paans/ LhGWR The Hague

"Letters from Utopia" is a documentary photographic research that studies groups who wish to extend the human life span extremely or even aim to become immortal. For this project Daan Paans visited five different movements and their key players who have a shot at an utopian world order. Since time immemorial humans have been fascinated by the idea of an infinite life, with the ultimate goal of overcoming (one’s own) mortality. As a leitmotiv Paans has been lead by the question that he and those he portrayed ceaselessly pose: long live immortality?!

Location: NMB Haus Schwab


Daan Paans (1985, The Netherlands) lives and works in Utrecht. In his photographic projects Daan Paans investigates the concept of time. He is interested in the way time – past, present and future – shapes our interpretation of the world. His long-term projects focus on the human incapacity to domesticate and control time.