While Dreaming, 2011-

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© David Gagnebin-de Bons

While Dreaming, a work in progress begun in 2011, rejects the mode of production in time-limited series that often gets imposed on artists. Presented in a custom-made box, this series is an attempt to give an image to dreams. The public is invited to contemplate at their own pace these photos conceived on the basis of a collection of personal and recounted dreams. Created by a printing process that alters the clarity of the visible information, the cyanotype prints reinforce the evocative aspect of the images and call on the viewers’ own memories.

Location: Photoforum


David Gagnebin-de Bons (CH) is born in 1979. He graduated from the Applied Art School in Vevey in 2003. He uses photography as a tool to open new spaces of imagination for the viewer through an ongoing process of telling personal stories. He has been invited to the curated international portfolio viewing Plat(t)form in Winterthur in 2019.