False Positives, 2015-2016

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© Esther Hovers

Esther Hovers’ installation False Positives questions the reliability of the surveillance systems used in public spaces. Hovers turned her attention to surveillance cameras in the business district of Brussels that are programmed to detect “deviant” behaviour. Such behaviour, which is considered suspicious because it is potentially criminal, is identified according to a pre-programmed set of eight anomalies that were defined by experts in surveillance systems, with whom Hovers has collaborated. These anomalies are incorporated into photographic montages and sketches to examine the notions of normality and deviance in systems of surveillance.

Location: Le Grenier


Esther Hovers born (NL) in 1991 investigates how power, politics and control are exercised through urban planning and the use of public space. She was trained as a photographer but creates installations in which photographs, drawings, text and film play an equal part. She has exhibited at GEM, Museum of Contemporary Art, The Hague; Lianzhou Foto Festival in China and the National Gallery in Prague, et al.