Formed Waters, 2019

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© Fabian Hugo

Like moments suspended in time, Fabian Hugo’s images all have a particular ambience, a slight disequilibrium and something intriguing about them. In the banal everyday situations that he photographs with his film camera, the unexpected seems to be a parameter that Hugo likes to come up against. For his series Formed Waters, Fabian Hugo collaborated with two classes of students of the Gymnase français de Bienne, who filled the roles of both agents and photographic subjects. For the shots, the artist decided to play with aquatic elements in order to address adolescence, a moment when things can splatter and often overflow. Fabian Hugo’s images will also be published in the next issue of the HEP-BEJUNE journal Enjeux pédagogiques.

In collaboration with HEP-BEJUNE.

Location: Farelhaus


Fabian Hugo (former Unternährer) (CH), born in 1981 in Switzerland, lives and works in Bern. He holds a BA in Photography from the ZHDK in Zürich and a MA in Art Education from the HKB in Bern. His work has been exhibited in the Louvre at Paris photo, at Unseen in Amsterdam or at Voies off in Arles, to name a few. In 2016 he won the Cultural Award of the City of Langenthal.