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© Sebastian Schmieg featuring Rebecca Bowring (Image+ workshop 2017)

Photography today can take on multiple forms, both material and immaterial: from print to pixel, from the page to the screen, from static images to moving images. What are the challenges and opportunities for image-makers and editors who wish to critically explore the hybrid nature of photography? What are the contemporary practices in working with images and distributing them? What does editing mean in the age of information overflow, and how can we think of alternative publishing strategies for the new image? What are the new platforms for the “post-photographer”?
Four artists have been invited to discuss these themes in a series of workshops being offered to small groups of professionals, and to create works with the participants. The results of the workshops will later be exhibited in the context of the festival.

Curation: Marco de Mutiis and Hélène Joye-Cagnard

Image+ is produced in collaboration with Fotomuseum Winterthur's SITUATIONS programme.

Participating artists:

Sebastian Schmieg (1983, Germany) examines the ways in which modern technologies shape online and offline realities, including the hidden logics and politics of algorithmic image and computer vision.

Kamilia Kard’s work focuses on the construction of identity in the internet age, and is manifested in multiple media, ranging in a fluid way from painting to video, animated gifs, prints and installations. (1981, Hungary/Italy)

Ola Lanko (1985, Ukraine) explores parallels between knowledge and history constructed by images, big data and free access to information. She works with metaphors and allusions, rearranging them in a new non-linear narratives.

Emmanuel Crivelli (1985, Switzerland) is an editorial designer playing with photography, illustrations and text. His publications range widely from opera posters to quarterly issues on gender and sexuality.

Workshops: 6 May 2017, 10 am – 6 pm
Free admission. The workshops will be held in english.

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Exhibition Image+: 12 – 28 May
Opening: 11 May, 6pm
Location: Chipot

List of participants

Emmanuel Crivelli
Natalia Mansano
Miriam Elias

​Kamilia Kard
Dana Popescu
Jonas Kambli
Marie-Pierre Cravedi

Ola Lanko
Damien Sivier
Massimo Piovesan
Karina Munch Reyes
Marion Nitsch
Rosario Mazuela
Thomas  Nie

Sebastian Schmieg
Simon Tanner
Patrick Pfeiffer
Rebecca Bowring