In-between, 2018

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© Julien Heimann

Between school and family there is always the student. This relationship, imposed by the system, can be enriching and straightforward, but also tense and complex. It requires a lot of energy and attention to promote a dialogue that helps reduce misunderstandings. The reality of life is always more complex than is revealed by outward appearances. The truth has to be sought in the folds of life, so that false perceptions do not fatally poison the relationship. The understanding of others in all their complexity makes it possible to avoid reducing them to what we would like them to be, and is essential to the development of each person.

In collaboration with HEP-BEJUNE.

Ten photographs of the series In-between have been published in the journal Enjeux Pédagogiques. Download the journal here

Location: Farelhaus


Julien Heimann est né en 1978 à Moutier (CH). Il vit et travaille en Suisse. Après des études à l’Université de Berne, il se rend en 2008 à New York où il suit des cours à l’International Center of Photography. En 2011, il est un des lauréats du vfg Nachwuchsförderpreis für Fotografie et, 3 ans plus tard, du Swiss Photo Award.