Night Time Tremors, 2015

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© Katrin Streicher

Kiruna, a small city north of the Arctic Circle in Sweden, faces an uncertain future: it is in danger of being swallowed by a giant iron ore mine. The city developed over the last century in direct response to iron ore mining. Now the mining is causing the city’s collapse. Iron is extracted via underground explosions that cause the earth to tremor every night. Each blast results in cracks in the landscape, with the impact moving slowly but steadily towards the city. Yet I encountered people stoically facing their precarious fate. I capture a place where normal life continues on unsteady ground, both literally and figuratively.

Location: Photoforum Pasquart


Katrin Streicher (1980, Germany) studied Visual Anthropology in Manchester and Photography in Munich and at the Ostkreuz School for Photography in Berlin. Her work has been exhibited internationally and she is a member of the aff Galerie. Her social-documentary photography reveals the beauty of the ordinary and considers the impact of cultural and social contexts on the human condition.