A Secret Utopia, 2017

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© Lucy Ridgard

Hidden on the English east coast is a piece of magic: windswept white gold under limitless sky, lit up at night by shooting stars. But you won’t find it: it’s a secret utopia for locals and visiting seals. After WW2, it was a campsite for mothers and children; then a hippie hideout until the 90s, when ravers with sound systems had stumbled on a new lush scene to free party. For 20 years, these friends have returned for 6 summer weeks of dance, trance and spirituality, taking their kids and fragments of home – armchairs; a mantelpiece – to set up a brief escape from the binds of millennial hell.

Location: NMB Bâtiment Schwab


Lucy Ridgard (UK) lives and works in London. She is a portrait photographer interested in capturing people whose identities are interwoven with their sense of fashion and style that she frames against unexpected environments. Often referencing her own colourful childhood, her work is steeped in nostalgia.