Idomeni, frontière gréco-macédonienne, mars 2016

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© Maria Kourkouta

In March 2016, the European Commission closed the “Balkan route.” Even so, on the afternoon of Monday, March 14, several hundred of the 15,000 refugees stuck at Idomeni made their way through fields and were able to get around the barbed-wire fence and arrive at the village of Moin. They were arrested by the Macedonian army and sent back to Greece. Despite their failure, this shared journey remains a last gesture of emancipation and a demand for freedom of movement into a Europe that is building walls. The video bears witness to this clandestine movement doomed to failure.

Location: Chipot


Maria Kourkouta (1982, Greece) lives and works in Paris. After studying the history of the Balkans in Greece, she moved to Paris in 2006. She did her PhD on the question of rhythm in cinema. Since 2008, she made several films, mostly on 16mm at different artist-run labs in France (L’Etna, L’Abominable). Most of her films are distributed by Light Cone.