Camera(s), 2019

agrandir l'image

© Maxime Genoud

A lighthole opposite a photosensitive surface placed inside a black box: Maxime Genoud is fascinating by the simplicity of the pinhole camera. He makes his cameras himself from the detritus of our consumer society. For the exhibition, he asked the students of the Madrestch primary school to do the same by putting together their own refuse, cans and Tetra Paks. In this project, Genoud expresses his desire to get at what is essential, at simplicity and matter, and sketches out paths of resistance to efficiency, normativity and productivity. In front of the lens of a camera, all movement becomes invisible. Deprived of details, the blurred and hazy images that result from the shot retain only what is essential; it is up to the viewer to complete them.

Location: NMB

In partnership with: Lions Club Biel-Bienne


Maxime Genoud (CH) is a 26 years old Swiss photographer. Since his graduation from CEPV in Vevey he has developed several projects exploring photography as a process, questioning the medium itself. He has photographed the portraits of the 8th “Livre de ma vie” from Payot Libraire in 2018. He is also ranked third in the FISE general ranking in roller skating.