The Price of Vanity, 2012-2016

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© Paolo Marchetti

"The Price of Vanity" is a long-term project created to tell the sacrifice hidden behind the ruthless values expressed by high fashion and its cultural trend dominated by remorseless standards of beauty. The business that revolves around this trade amounts to several million euros per year and condemns millions of animals to intensive farming for the production of clothes with fur, feathers and leather. The estimate for which was rated the animal skins sector totaled $ 40 million and the massive growth in the number of intensive farms around the world.

Location: NMB Haus Schwab


Paolo Marchetti (1974, Italy) lives and works in Rome. He is an Award and Grant winning independent photographer and has worked for 13 years in the cinematographic industry in the Camera Dpt. He regularly works with Sunday Times, Le Monde, Geo, Days Japan, Der Spiegel, Newsweek, CNN, New York Times, Time, National Geographic etc.