Experimental Relationship, 2007-

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© Pixy Liao

As a woman brought up in China, Pixy Liao used to think she could only love someone older and more mature than herself, who could protect her and be her mentor. When she met her current boyfriend, Moro, who is five years younger than she is, her conception of relationships changed completely. In 2007, she started to experiment physically and visually with him, setting up in front of the camera all kinds of situations for her and Moro to perform. Her subtle photographic serie examines the question of power in a relationship, and the possibility of exchanging power in the private sphere.

Location: Photoforum


Pixy Liao (CN), born in 1979 in Shanghai, China, lives and works in New York. She holds a MFA in photography from University of Memphis. Her work has been exhibited in Asia Society (Houston), Museum of Sex (NY), Leo Xu Projects (China), Flower Gallery (NY), to name but a few. She is also a recipient of NYFA Fellowship in photography and of Santo Foundation Individual Artist Awards.