Sediments of Happiness, 2018

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© Carol Baumgartner

On the wall of our homes, on the screens of our phones or inside our wallets, we all keep precious images linked to happiness, which we like to contemplate and even carry on us. The reflex of photographing our loved ones and the blissful moments of our lives runs deep and the relations between photography, memory and happiness are as deep as they are complex. The Photoforum explores them through the testimonies and reflections of the elderly residents of the nursing homes Redernweg and Ried in Biel. Born in the first half of the 20th century, they have accumulated memories and images over numerous decades, which they share with the public. The images and interviews were produced with the support of the homes' therapeutic recreation teams.

In collaboration with the Photoforum Pasquart.

Location: Photoforum Pasquart

Participant-e-s / Beteiligte / Participants

Résident-e-s des EMS Chemin Redern et Ried de la Ville de Bienne / BewohnerInnen der Betagtenheime Ried und Redernweg / Residents of the nursing homes Redernweg and Ried in Biel: 

Daniel Bader, Jeanine Burkhard, Christian Fahrni, Ingeborg Hübscher, Susanna Hubschmid, Fritz Jenni, Ilse Doris Eleonore Jenny, Frans Roijackers, Margrit Von Allmen, Hans-Rudolf Zürcher, Jean-Pierre Aellen, Liliane Altermatt-Raboud, Liliane Bürgi, Nelly Dessah-Fuhrimann, Dora Finger, Georges J.-P. Forney, Yolande Gagnebin, Ursula Kindler, Blaise Margraitner, Erika Mathys, Paula Noti, Katherina Occhini, Therese Schläfli, Fred Gottfried Tüscher, Micheline Vallat, Hilda Valle, Anna Werder

Direction de projet / Projektleitung / Project Management

Carol Baumgartner, Danaë Panchaud

Animateurs-trices / Aktivierungstherapie / Therapeutic recreation

Muna Graf (Ried), Daniel di Lione (Redernweg)

Photo-vidéo / Foto-Video / Photo-video

Daniel di Lione, Lea Kunz, Carol Baumgartner, Jessica Bordeau

Réalisation de l’exposition / Ausstellungsgestaltung / Exhibition display

Danaë Panchaud, Lea Kunz, Carol Baumgartner, Gil Pellaton, Christine Beglinger