Yakoukst -48°. La ville la + froide du monde, 2013

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© Steeve Iuncker

Here everything is ice without respite, and one is led to think about what extremes can produce in human beings. During the winter, the 270,000 inhabitants of Yakutsk in north-eastern Siberia live in temperatures that vary between -40 and -50°C (otherwise experienced only by climbers on Mount Everest), along with ice, fog, and fleeting shadows. In a world tour of a planet where half the population lives in cities, Steeve Iuncker is seeking out the cities of extremes, from the lowest city, to the most polluted, to the most populated. Yakutsk, the coldest city in the world, is the first subject in this new project.

Location: Farelhaus


Steeve Iuncker (1969, Switzerland) lives and works in Geneva. He also works as a press photographer for a daily newspaper. Steeve Iuncker tirelessly questions the roles of photography and of the image in the fields of information and documentary today in a radical and political way.