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© Stefanie Schroeder

To speed up the process of becoming an independent self-employed artist and to end her dependence on Hartz 4 unemployment state benefit, Stephanie Schroeder had to participate in a program of business optimization. Her proposal to make a film documentation of the process was denied. She transformed recordings of conversations, handouts, and correspondence into a scenario about her “project on the artistic business personality,” in which the role of artist, entrepreneur and welfare recipient, all represented by herself, confront and collide. 

Location: Photoforum Pasquart


Stephanie Schroeder was born in 1981 in Weimar (DE). She studied art history and art education at the University of Greifswald and photography at HGB Leipzig. She is co-founder of the independent cultural centre WBS70 in Greifswald and was a guest student at Villa Arson in Nice, among others.