Soleil Noir, 2019

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© Thibault Brunet

Soleil Noir is a photographic investigation created mainly along the border of Luxembourg and inspired by historical public studies. Using a filming apparatus similar to a scanner, the artist records the space and recreates it in clouds of linear points, a technique that blurs codes of representation. The landscape is no longer limited by the horizon or by the frame, but extends in a circle around the camera and fades out according to how far it is from the lens, leaving an empty circle in its place. The universe thus obtained seems to emanate from a black hole. While in the real world the sun shines on what is visible, here it is the instrument that filters reality and lets us see a world that appears to us as distorted or fantastical, one that alluded to both German Romantic painting and video games.

Location: Le Grenier


Thibault Brunet (FR) was born in 1982. His work plays with photography’s coded genres and questions the relationship with virtuality in a society where the world is on its way to being fully digitalised. Since he graduated of the ENSBA Nîmes, he has exhibited at reGeneration2 (2011), Mois de la photo in Paris, Berlin and Vienna (2012), at Talents Foam (2013), to name but a few.