LIBRE, 2012-ongoing

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© Thomas Brasey

In the 60s and 70s, Switzerland experienced an episode of internal unrest: the fight for independence in the canton of Jura. During this period, the country suffered several "terrorist" attacks, committed by the Bélier, a separatist group militating with actions that were comical, absurd and almost always non-violent.This work explores the oppressive, almost warlike territory of the Jura in search of traces of this struggle, and re-enacts some of the Bélier’s most striking actions. These restagings, performed by their original participants, are conceived as a tribute to the Bélier’s humorous and zany brand of political activism.


Location: NMB Bâtiment Schwab


Titulaire d’un bachelor en communication visuelle (ECAL),Thomas Brasey travaille depuis 2011 comme photographe indépendant. Développant une approche personnelle de la photographie documentaire, il a travaillé en Afrique, en Asie centrale et au Brésil. Ses images ont été exposées à plusieurs reprises en Suisse et en Europe.