Appareils de pose, 1998-2016

agrandir l'image

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In the early days of photography, in order to compensate for the effects of the long exposure time that was needed for taking a portrait, the person being photographed could be kept still with the help of headrests, special chairs, and other contraptions. Trmasan Bruialesi and Rudolf Steiner reflect in their work on this curious part of the history of photography; they then go in the opposite direction by “fixing” the body of the photographer in a particular posture using their “appareils de pose.” One’s bodily posture might well be the reflection of a mental posture.

Location: NMB Bâtiment Schwab


Trmasan Bruialesi (1956, Georgien). Arbeitet als Übersetzer, Autor und Musiker seit 1989 in Berlin. Studium der Slawistik mit Schwerpunkt Altslawische Texte des frühen Christentums.

Rudolf Steiner (1964, Schweiz) arbeitet als Künstler, Fotograf und Verleger in Biel/ Bienne, Mitbegründer von Haus am Gern.