Sequences of Truth and Deception, 2015-

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© Vanja Bucan

Vanja Bucan’s work is halfway between documentary photography and stagecraft. For the series Sequences of Truth and Deception, Bucan shoots parts of the human body in front of, or as part of, photographic backdrops in which nature is shown intact. Bucan questions in her art the tension between idealization and dominance. Her images are carefully staged. She adds to the original picture by including human gestures and poses in order to create a fiction that conveys her attitude towards anthropocentrism. Humanity is seen apparently interacting with nature, yet always cut off from it.

Location: Residenz au Lac


Vanja Bucan (SI) was born in Slovenia in 1973. She is living and working in Berlin, Germany. She graduated from the Royal Academy of Art in the Hague, The Netherlands. Her work has been exhibited throughout ex -Yugoslavia and internationally. She is the recipient of Lens Culture Exposure award 2015, Renaissance Photography Prize 2016, and she was a finalist for Leica Oscar Barnack Award 2018.