We call it home

agrandir l'image

© Roqia Alavi

The exhibition We Call It Home presents the results of the second part of an arts education project begun in 2018 by Patricia Huijnen, in collaboration with Manuela Hée, as part of Femmes-Tische Biel/Bienne, a programme sponsored by effe (espace de formation fachstelle für erwachsenenbildung).

A group of 11 organizers from different countries (Afghanistan, Brazil, Chad, Congo, Eritrea, Iraq, Lebanon, Mexico, Sudan, Turkey and Togo) participated in photography groups and led round tables with women from their countries of origin, which are at the centre of a selection of exhibitions on the themes of “happiness”, “time” and “habitat” in order to discuss mental health, culture and creativity.

Under the guidance of photographer Solène Gün, the organizers continued their reflections in images. The selection of photographs that is being presented invites us to plunge into their daily environment.

Location: Promenade de la Suze / Schüsspromenade