4th SNSF Scientific Image Competition / METEO SCIENCE PERFORMANCE

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© Paulin Wendler

The hidden face of science

Far from being a detached, cold activity, scientific research is about human nature, passion and dedication, trial and error, and happy coincidences. Submitted by researchers in Switzerland, the 250 works taking part in the 4th SNSF Scientific Image Competition shed light on contemporary scientific practices. As the festival will not take place in 2020, the competition images will be exhibited at the Biel/Bienne Festival of Photography 2021. Discover the new audiovisual creation of Ulysse Klotz inspired by the images of the 2020 competition, a project of the curator Witold Langlois, founder of METEO.

METEO – Witold Langlois 
Witold Langlois, born in 1981 in Paris, lives and works in Geneva. He studied fine art/art history in Geneva as well as advertising and journalism in Paris. He is a journalist, a producer, a director, a curator and the founder of the musical web-media, METEO. He currently works for the public service of French-speaking Switzerland RTS1 (radio).

Aamourocean – Ulysse Klotz
Aamourocean is a dreamcore-music project of Ulysse Klotz, born in 1983 in Les Lilas. He likes to mix dreamy sensation with hardcore vibes. He met METEO during La Bâtie-Festival 2017 in Genève.

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Discover the winners and the distinctions of the 4th SNSF Scientific Image Competition!