Hanging Heavy On My Eyes, 2016

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© Ang Song Nian

For one year, day after day and month after month, Ang Song Nian documented the pollution level in the city of Singapore and its region. During this time, an increase of forest fires on palm plantations devoted to palm oil production had an impact on the concentration of fine particulates in the air. He meticulously transcribed the air pollution index as measured by Singapore's National Environment Agency into levels of grey on photosensitive sheets. Composed of images that have been exposed to light according to the level of pollution of the day and arranged into twelve blocks (each representing a month in the calendar), his installation metaphorically alludes to the impossibility for individuals to visualize the daily impact that their overexploitation of nature has on the environment, but also the daily passivity of humans when confronted with the climate problems that they themselves create.

Venue: Photoforum Pasquart


Ang Song Nian (SG) was born in 1983 in Singapore, where he lives and works. His practice of photography focuses on materials and traces of human behaviours made visible within landscapes. His recent exhibitions include DECK, Singapore, the Tokyo Photographic Art Museum and Northeast Photo Network, United Kingdom. His work was awarded the Grand Prize at the 41st edition of the New Cosmos of Photography award, Tokyo.