Where the money is made – Surfaces of algorithmic capital, 2017

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© Eline Benjaminsen

Today, artificial intelligence and algorithmic technology allow trading firms to operate faster than is possible for our human abilities. The locations depicted in Eline Benjaminsen’s video are not places that we would readily associate with high finance, yet this is where some of the biggest profits are being made today. In her work, Benjaminsen documents the resolutely physical landscapes of an immaterial market and questions the limits of a system that generates profits and value at speeds imperceptible to the human brain.

Venue: Photoforum Pasquart


Eline Benjaminsen (NO), born in 1992 in Norway, lives and works in The Hague. She graduated from the Royal Academy of Art The Hague (Department of Photography) in 2017. Her project Where the money is made was awarded the Steenbergen Stipendium (2017) and was nominated for the Zilveren Camera category Prijs voor Storytelling (2018), along with many other nominations. The latest exhibitions of her work include Stroom (NL), FOTODOK (NL), Lianzhou Foto Festival (CN), Heden (NL) and Krakow Photomonth (PL).