In Vetta (ongoing research project), 2019 –

agrandir l'image

© Giorgia Piffaretti & Sophie Wright

Since 2019, artists Giorgia Piffaretti and Sophie Wright have been working together by collecting fragments – pictures, notes, personal archive material – and experimenting with the multiple possibilities, experiences and narrative configurations that can emerge from these starting points. Their research takes on many different shapes, from lecture performances to multimedia installations, to speculate on the volatile lives of a single image. 

Starting with the discovery of a family photo taken on the summit of Mont Blanc, the work In Vetta triggers an avalanche of fragments and associations from our collective imagination. What does the top of the mountain represent? In this ongoing project, Europe's highest mountain becomes a metaphor for our contemporary obsession with capturing time. Approaching the glacier as a “natural archive”, In Vetta poses questions relating to the past, nostalgia, loss and preservation that allow us to re-examine the relationship between man, image and nature from different angles. 

A project porposed by Espace libre.


Giorgia Piffaretti (CH), born in Mendrisio in 1989, is a visual artist currently based in Amsterdam, where she graduated with a Master in Film in the programme "Artistic Research in and through Cinema" in 2019. Her work is inspired by archival practices and starts from the observation of everyday life. From a singular object, a picture, a drawing or a moving image, she creates multiple narratives and perspectives that integrate these individual elements into a collective story. Working between fine arts and film, she has participated in several international exhibitions and film festivals.


Sophie Wright (UK), born in London in 1989, is a filmmaker and writer based in Amsterdam. She graduated from the Netherlands Filmacademie in 2020, where she obtained a diploma in artistic research in and through Cinema. She is currently participating in the ISSP Masterclass 2019/2020 with Jason Fulford. Her work grows out of a murky crevice that exists somewhere between photography and film, experimenting with tactile publications, sensory films, collaborative installations and performances.