Hang, 2018

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© Eva Maria Gisler

Playing with perspective and relations of scale, Eva Maria Gisler’s photograph Hang seems at first like an abstract painting, but then plunges the gaze of the viewer into the subject of the image: heaps of garbage. By digitizing and enlarging a film photo representing abandoned waste, Gisler confronts us with a visual reality that reminds us of our overconsumption and questions the impact, conscious or not, of human beings on the environment.

Venue: NMB


Eva Maria Gisler (CH), born in 1983 in Switzerland, lives and works in Bern. She holds a BA in Fine Arts from the HKB in Bern and an MA Fine Art from the Slade School of Art, London. Since 2010 her work has been exhibited in Kunsthaus Aarau, Kunstmuseum Thun, as well as several other institutions and project spaces. She has been awarded grants and residencies from the Canton of Aargau, as well as the Canton and City of Bern.