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© Guadalupe Ruiz

For several years, the work of Guadalupe Ruiz has taken the form of an inventory of images assembled as encyclopedias, a structure that she developed as a way of analysing the world and the society around her. In 2015, she published the Kleine Fotoenzyklopädie, a work gathering 645 colour and black-and-white images collected from daily life and organized into 37 different chapters: dogs, vases, varieties of pastry, a revolutionary manifesto, portraits of her cousin, objects photographed in her parents’ house, etc. To create her installation in the Juraplatz art space, Guadalupe Ruiz has continued to build the inventory of images that she began in her parents’ apartment as an attempt to reproduce and recapture what might be lost with the passage of time.

Venue: Juraplatz


Guadalupe Ruiz (CH), born in 1978 in Bogotá, lives and works in Biel/Bienne. She studied at ECAL, Lausanne, HGKZ, Zurich and obtained a Master in Fine Arts at the FHNW, Basel in 2019. She has had solo exhibitions at Photoforum Pasquart and Lokal-int, Biel/Bienne, Centre de la Photographie, Geneva, Grand Palais, Bern, as well as international exhibitions. In 2015 she printed and self-published the acclaimed artist’s book Kleine Fotoenzyklopädie.