Moi dans 5 ans

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© Moi dans 5 ans / Ich in 5 Jahren

Moi dans 5 ans invites teenage girls aged 12 to 18 in Biel/Bienne to see themselves grow and to question in various media (photography, sound) the image they hold of themselves and of the world. Assisted by a team of social-cultural organizers and by the artist Joëlle Neuenschwander, they have been participating in workshops offered regularly since 2016. The exhibition presents the fourth stage of the project, wich was created over the course of 2019, as well as a fanzine created in collaboration with graphic designer Yvonne Andrès.

In collaboration with Ariane Plomb, Carmen Fuhrer (Artemiss) and the artist Joëlle Neuenschwander

Venue: Offspace 37