Eldorado, 2019-2020

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© Pierre-Kastriot Jashari

The winner of the first edition of the Enquête photographique Jura bernois, Pierre-Kastriot Jashari presents an immersive portrait of the daily life of the multicultural youth of the Bernese Jura. His photographic work, a collection of portraits and landscapes that subtly play with light and shadow, bears witness to different narratives and examines the individual’s sense of belonging in relation to their surroundings and origin, nearby or far away, and to their illusions, perceptible or imagined. Using a subjective documentary approach, Jashari took as his objective to reveal what is sometimes whispered, hidden, or even inaccessible in our society. His silent images trap the viewer in a suspended environment, often obstructed by a human presence in the foreground.

The Enquête photographique Jura bernois 2019–2020 was launched in cooperation with fOrum culture, the Fondation Mémoires d’Ici and Intervalles magazine.

Venue: NMB


Pierre-Kastriot Jashari (CH), born in 1994, lives and works in Biel/Bienne. He holds a BA in photography from ECAL, Lausanne, and his work has been exhibited in different institutions, galleries and festivals including Art Bärtschi & Co in Geneva, Photoforum Pasquart in Biel/Bienne, and Dokufest in Kosovo. In 2018, he won the Human Rights Photography Prize given by Act On Your Future in Geneva. In 2019, he was the winner of the Enquête photographique Jura bernois 2019–2020.