Tout ce qui se voit sous le soleil (Asouike 1), 2015-2020

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© Thomas Maisonnasse

Conceived especially for the festival, the collection of images presented by Thomas Maisonnasse in the form of an installation was drawn from a black-and-white series that he has been assembling for several years. Rather than writing with light, his images wrest from the photograph its layer of shadow: out of everything that is captured by the camera, it is only what is in shadow that is preserved. Rather that revealing to us “the visible,” the foliage scenes photographed by Maisonnasse confront us with a universe that is mysterious and impenetrable.

Venue: Maison Farel


Thomas Maisonnasse (CH), born in 1976 in Grenoble, lives and works in Geneva. He finished his artistic studies at the Beaux-Arts in Geneva in 2004, after studying at Villa Arson in Nice (2000-2001), ENSBA in Lyon (1998-2000) as well as Biology/Geology studies at the University Claude Bernard Lyon 1 (1996-1998). In 2016, he had a solo show in the Salle Crosnier of the Société des arts de Genève. His work has been exhibited in Switzerland, France and Japan.