Identity crises, political instabilities, ecological transitions, economic restructurings – the photographers and projects exhibited in the 24th edition of the Biel/Bienne Festival of Photography create spaces to reflect about the implications of the ruptures that preoccupy our societies today. At a time when our political systems are in crisis, debates about coexistence are rising, protests are ringing out across the globe and when social networks provoke a sense of community as well as physical isolation, the festival offers a face-to-face encounter with contemporary images. This year’s edition aims to question our collective unconscious, and perhaps, in a climate of breakdown, find a collective awareness. Because at last, is it not from the cracks and gaps that the decisive moment emerges?

When we were planning the 24th edition of the Biel/Bienne Festival of Photography around the questions of ruptures that preoccupy our societies today, we did not imagine that we would be caught up in current events and the frightening reality of the very theme that was to be presented in this year’s festival. As the world slows down, as our daily routines are disrupted and our social ties transformed, the entire team at the Biel/Bienne Festival of Photography announces, with great regret, that the 24th edition will be postponed until next year.

During this troubled and difficult period, we ask you to take some time, and to find us again in May 2021. Meanwhile, from your own home, you can dive into the exhibition programme of our 24th edition here and find an overview in the Spring issue of La couleur des jours, in the article Brèches et fissures.

If you wish to support the festival, you can contact the direction at or make a donation to our account.
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We thank you for your understanding and your support. Please take care of yourselves, and let us continue to support one another!